Monday, October 27, 2014

Bolt Action Germans

My Bolt Action German infantry company is nearing completion. I did it as an ordinary 1944 Wermacht infantry outfit that has seen a lot of action. It is rated average since heavy losses have been made up with new recruits who are a little too old or young.

German infantry company
The company is composed of 3 platoons of 7 to 9 men plus a Lieutenant, medic and sniper team. The company commander has at his disposal for the mission an artillery spotter team, flamethrower team, Panzerschreck team and a Marder self propelled gun. To complete the German side I plan to acquire a couple of mortars and maybe a light artillery piece.
The Americans are also coming along toward reinforced company strength, but need one more infantry platoon. Of course, I picked up another Sherman tank after watching Fury at the movies last week.

                                         German infantry squad

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