Friday, January 29, 2016

Berlin Kaput!

This was the 2nd half of The Biggest Wargame Ever Played (in my basement). The ruined city was laid out on Pete's rubble themed cloth 6'x3'. He also has quite a few ruined buildings, some of them made by the talented Walter Kordon. By the way, does anyone know Walters status? We haven't been able to reach him. The rest of the buildings were my undamaged structures with the roofs removed to give 'em that "there goes the neighborhood" look. We wanted some rubble heaps to scatter around because half blown away structures without rubble heaps look odd. After experimenting with piles of mixed plaster and (clean) kitty litter, we finally settled on scrap foam core cut into irregular shapes and colored shades of gray.

 At this stage, the Russian infantry and tanks were starting to press in on the hidden German infantry.
Russian engineers attack Germans in a house using a flamethrower
The German mortars and howitzer were scoring some good hits. The advancing Russian infantry were unmasking the hidden German units in ambush, and were being rewarded with a hail of fire.
 Ivan finds Fritz the hard way. "Get back in there" says the Commisar "or I'll shoot you myself!"
Once the Germans were uncovered they were pounded by the Soviet tanks and mortars. The attack was pressed from all four sides, lavishly supported by heavy weapons.
T34s plow through the rubble of the ruined city
The end was near and the defenders would not have lasted much longer now that they were visible to the attacking hordes. Due to the sheer scale of the game we ran out of time, but the writing was on the wall so the Germans surrendered.

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